Use a HDMI cable to connect your TV to your laptop when running synth software


HDMI, also known as the High Definition Multimedia Interface is used to transfer uncompressed digital audio and video data through its compact interface to a compatible digital audio device, video projector, computer monitor, or digital television. HDMI cables vary depending on the format. It can be the standard, high definition, enhanced, or 3D video. The HDMI connector works for audio and visual sent through the uncompressed digital streams. The HDMI cable has the ability to support transmissions without decreasing its quality. It transmits the audio and video while maintaining the integrity of the signal during the transfer of the data.

In order to get the best HDMI cable, the speed and the quality it produces are the major considerations. Nowadays, there are all kinds of cables, differing in manufacturer’s name and special features. A buyer must be keen enough to know which of the cable connectors will best provide satisfactory results the way he wants to get it. A high speed HDMI cable averages at a length of 6 feet, with a bandwidth of at least 10.2 Gbps, and a resolution of 1080p, and can even exceed depending on the quality of the cable bought by a consumer.

To be the best HDMI cable, it must be flexible enough to fit with all devices that need cables to work. It must be able to provide the best quality of sound and visual effects without any compromises. At the same time, to be the best HDMI cable quality does not mean to be the most expensive. Being the best does not mean paying more than the average spending cost because there are cables that cost too expensive only because of the marketing and advertising strategies, but not because of the quality that the cables provide. To be the best means to provide the best quality at a reasonable price and not overpricing just because of the manufacturer’s name and reputation.

There are several kinds of cables sold in the market, may it be online or not, and choosing the best HDMI can really be very confusing especially for the first-time buyers and inexperienced users. In order to get the best quality of HDMI, here are the factors that consumers must be reminded of. First to consider is the capacity of the cable and its compliance with the required certificates. This includes the bandwidth of the cable, the Ethernet channels that come along with it, and the ports in the electronic devices. The ports in the electronic devices are important consideration because it determines whether the HDMI cable will fit and be of use in the electronic device. Second consideration is the supported video quality. This is important because there are some cables that only support major video and audio recordings. The best cable must be able to provide transmission on all video and audio formats. It must be flexible enough to support all forms of video and audio data. A good HDMI cable that has this feature will surely get the best of positive reviews and recommendations.


What to consider before purchasing RCA cables for your synthesizer

rca cable

RCA cables are commonly used for consumer electronics. This type of cable is used to transmit composite video and analog audio between different devices such as cable receivers, satellite receivers, game consoles, TVs, speakers, and other consumer electronics. The RCA cables you find will normally have three color coded connectors for audio and video. RCA audio cables use two color coded connectors which are black or white for left stereo and red for right stereo. The third connector, for composite video, is normally colored yellow.

What are the benefits of using RCA cables?

This type of cable can provide its users with a variety of benefits. This type of cable can help you run your TV, media players, game consoles or other electronics you have. You can get the sound and video quality you want by using this type of cable. You will be able to enjoy your game, watch your movie, or listen to your favorite tunes with crisp sound when you use this type of cable.

There are different types of cables that you should consider before you purchase connectors. There are certain traits that you should consider first before you purchase a connector for your TV, game console, media player, or other electronics you have at home or at your office.

How can you find the best RCA cables?

There are a lot of connectors that you can buy but simply buying the first batch of connectors you find won’t do the trick. You will need quality connectors to get the best sound and crisp detail in the videos you want to watch or the games you want to play. The emphasis of most connectors is delivering transmission for both sound and video with the least amount of interference. Gold-tipped connectors are always superior to silver-tipped ones. Gold-tipped connectors do not necessarily produce better sound and crisper video details, but gold-tipped connectors are non-corrosive and are more malleable compared to their silver-tipped counterparts.

An RCA cable can also be used for transferring component video. Component video breaks the video signal into three different spectrums to provide colors in greater detail compared to composite video.

A RCA cable works best with specific electronic devices. It is best to get a RCA cable that is close to or at the level of 75-ohms. There are different types of connectors make sure that you get a RCA cable that is specifically used for your chosen electronic device. A mismatched connector can lead to signal and interference degradation. Make sure you consider these factors before you purchase a set of connectors and cables.

Where can you find RCA cables?

You can find quality cables by searching online. There are experts that provide advice and reviews online. You can also compare cables and connectors with each other before you make a purchase. Look for connectors or cables that are specifically compatible with the devices you have at home or at your office. Avoid retailers that carry just one particular overpriced brand. Do online research to find the best cables and connectors for your needs.

The benefits of using an electronic drum kit

An electronic drum kit mimics an acoustic drum kit and uses an electronic synthesizer. An electronic drum kit uses a set of pads mounted on a stand similar to an acoustic drum set. The pads use discs that are coated with rubber or cloth-like material. Each pad uses a sensor that produces an electric signal when hit. The electric signal is sent through a cable then to a module which then produces a sound that is associated with the pad struck.

Electronic drum kits are now more advanced compared to their earlier counterparts. Nowadays, electronic drum kits create a sound and experience that is perfect for the ears of players and listeners alike. Electronic drum kits now produce excellent quality digital sounds and provide dynamic impact detection and positional sensing for better music. New kits are also equipped with multiple triggers, realistic hi-hats, and multiple outputs that produce crisp sound in different notes. Users can also fine tune the sound they want produced by using an electronic drum kit.

What are the advantages of using an electronic drum kit?

Electronic drum kits provide users with unique benefits. The most significant of these benefits are as follows:

  1. Electronic drums are not completely silent but they produce less acoustic noise compared to a traditional drum set. Users can use a headphone to practice in silence if they need to do so.
  2. Electronic drums are also more compact and easier to move compared to traditional drums or acoustic drum sets.
  3. One kit can produce multiple sounds and can also simulate the sounds produced by its acoustic counterpart.
  4. Electronic drum kits do not need several microphones placed in strategic locations like acoustic drum kits. The sound that you are looking for can be produced via MIDI or line-out connections.
  5. Users can easily use electronic drums at home or a small studio because it does not need many microphones.
  6. Electronic drums can be used by both pros and beginners alike. This type of drum set has features that beginners can use for practice. Beginners can set the features to play along or metronome for practice.
  7. Electronic drum kits’ volume can be played at a lower level. Your band no longer has to increase the volume of their instruments to be at par with the electronic drums. Being able to toggle the volume is advantageous for small studios and rooms where playing at a loud level is undesirable.

These are some of the benefits that users can derive from using electronic drums.

What are the different variations of an electronic drum kit?

There are two distinct electronic drum sets that users can choose from. The two types are a table-top electronic drum and an acoustic triggered drum kit. A table-top electronic drum uses all pads and an electronic module integrated in a single table-top piece. This type of electronic drum also comes with loudspeakers and a small amplifier. An acoustic triggered drum kit is like any other acoustic drum kit but comes with triggers and sensors. The sensors detect hits and then generate the corresponding electric signals for them.

Is it worth spending a lot of money on your sound equipment?


Fortunately, some guitar brands these days such as “Ibanez” and “Washburn” make some decent quality electric guitars and offer them at a very reasonable price. All the electric guitars they make have on board electronics with an equalizer and volume controls. Some models have the typical high impedance output but also have a low impedance output as well.

When it comes to microphones, Shure are hands down the best brand. Shure Microphones are directional and can transfer audio while recording from a number of sources at the same time. The cheapest model at the moment is the SM58 which you can buy for around $150. There are a lot of cheaper microphones available but trust me when it comes to microphones quality makes a huge difference so you don’t want to go with the low priced brands.

Monoprice have some great enhanced bass noise reducing headphones for just $5 which is an unbelievably good price. Monster by comparison is offering a similar type of headphone for $199, and after testing both brands I can honestly say that I can’t notice the difference. The enhanced bass noise reducing headphones also include Bluetooth so you don’t need to worry about having the cable getting in the way if you are jogging or cycling.

If you set up a subwoofer, you will strengthen the intensity of your audio output. This type of enhancement will make the difference between an awesome sounding bass line and a low flat one. This depends on the type of music you are creating though as some tracks have very little bass. Pioneer Subwoofer’s are my favourite as they provide good quality audio for the money they cost. Brands like Boss are very high quality also but cost a lot more as they are made in Germany.

A lot of new metal has some techno sounding beats which I’m not the biggest fan of buy I understand that some bands like to use synthesizers in the songs. The easiest and least expensive way to create the effects a professional synthesizer can make is to connect a CD or MP3 player to your laptop or computer and use audio editing synthesizer software to edit.

If you have an IPad or touch tablet type pc there are a lot of great apps which can be used with audio production. I prefer to use a traditional mixer but they can cost in excess of $1000 so the digital version is great if you want to save yourself some cash. Zebra2 by u-he is my favourite but is quite expensive for an app at $199. Synth1 is a great alternative and it’s absolutely free however it doesn’t have as many features.

In the old days it used to cost a lot of money to have a professional music recording and producing setup however in recent times this cost has been greatly reduced. Nowadays you can buy everything you need to produce your own rocking beats for less than $2000 which is pretty cheap considering a studio will charge you around $150 per hour if you’re lucky. Just remember some things are worth paying the extra money for and some things aren’t.